Are you planning a trip but can’t take your furry friend? Boarding your pet at an animal facility can be a great solution. However, you and your pet may feel anxious about leaving them in a strange place. To ensure your pet’s comfort and happiness during their stay, it’s important to bring some essential items.

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What to Bring to Ensure Your Pet Feels Comfortable While Boarding

You should bring six essential items to make your pet feel comfortable while boarding.

1. Favorite Toys and Blankets

Bringing your pet’s familiar bedding and toys might make the boarding experience from services like dog boarding at Crossroads Animal Clinic more comfortable for everyone. These things will create a sense of comfort and familiarity, reducing your pet’s dread. Bring over your pet’s favorite blanket or pillow, as well as any loud toys or plush animals. Consequently, they will feel more at peace, and their bedroom will be more enjoyable.

2. Treats

Who doesn’t like treats? Treats are an excellent way to demonstrate to your animal companion that you care about them and want them to enjoy themselves while you are away. Bring some of their preferred treats to the veterinarian’s office or lodging facility. This will help them feel comfortable and reward their excellent behavior.

3. Vet Records

You must have their vet documents when dropping off your pet at a veterinary facility like the animal hospital in Arlington. This will ensure the staff knows of any medical conditions or allergies your pet may have. Additionally, if your pet has any medications they need to take, let the staff know.

4. A Photo of You

A photograph of you with your companion is a simple yet effective method to keep them feeling connected to you while you are away. They will know they are not abandoned and that you are returning soon. You can even include a note on the reverse of the photograph to express your affection.

5. A Comforting Scent

Bringing a comforting scent when you drop off your pet can help make them feel more at ease. This could be a fragrant garment, comforter, scented trinket, scented candle, or oil diffuser. Just be sure to check with the animal clinic or dog boarding facility before bringing any scented items to ensure that it’s allowed.

6. A Note

As a pet parent, you can find extra peace of mind by putting pen to paper when recapping your furry friend’s needs. Leaving behind a note can be another convenient point of reference for the dog boarding facility staff if any additional information or reiteration is needed while you’re on vacation or a business trip. 

Your note should primarily be a handy review of the basics, like their dental and dietary needs, but it is also your chance to elaborate with more nuanced tips and instructions that are beyond the obvious. For example, they have a dental condition. The boarding facility can contact a pet dentist if you leave a note about it.

Final Thoughts

Leaving your pet at an animal clinic or dog boarding facility can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. By bringing along a few essential items and ensuring the staff has all the information they need, you can ensure that your furry friend will feel comfortable and safe while you are away. 

Remember to look into your region’s animal clinics and dog boarding facilities to guarantee your pet is in excellent care. You can make the experience of boarding your pet as stress-free as possible with just a little bit of planning ahead of time, enabling you to relax and enjoy your vacation.